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St Louis Project

If you like this project, participate in it. (If you don’t like this project, please close this webpage.)

Step 1. Find a few (or just one!) bus stop(s) you would like to adopt.

Step 2.
Print out, or otherwise procure, the map and schedule for the bus(es) that service your stop(s).

Step 3.
If your stop is a bus shelter, tape the maps and schedules right to the inside of the shelter. If your stop is just a pole with a blue and white sign, glue or staple your schedule to card- or foamboard and bolt it to the pole.Wheatpaste (wallpaper glue) is cheap and effective for big jobs, although it is very messy. I don’t recommend spray glue or glue sticks, they don’t really work.

Step Every Number:


This is essential. Otherwise our enemies will try to destroy this project by accusing the signs of ugliness and complaining of blight. (Never mind that the signs are helpful or functional. God forbid a thing exist to serve a purpose unless it also looks tidy.)

Step Optional.
Click “here” for a pdf of the stickers I put on my signs.

Step 29340923842934. St. Louis becomes the only US City with maps and schedules at every bus stop!

Send pics of what you put up! Try to take them so we can tell where they are! Make your signs as beautiful as you want!